Full Scream Ahead: For the thrill seekers!

‘Go on a RIB’ they said, ‘you’ll have fun’ they said…well you know what: they were absolutely right! What an amazing day.

The team at House had been invited to day of seafaring ‘Bond’ style. Definitely not for the fainthearted, this adrenaline pumping thrill ride propelled our sluggish Monday morning vibes well and truly away. With our captain for the day ‘Tony Jacques’ at the helm, we couldn’t wait to get out onto the open water.

If you’ve never heard of (or never quite understood) the difference between various boating vessels, here’s a little insider info: our water motor for the day was a one of a kind, super speedy, ‘Technohull RIB’. RIB stands for Rigid Inflatable Boat and they call this cool customer the Technohull SV-909. Picture a supercharged inflatable boat with solid fibreglass bottom, only this one was totally reinforced, loaded with a 350 horsepower Mercury outboard engine and decked out with plush interiors. Our RIB in particular was uber-chic. The dashboard alone was stunning: dipped in carbon fibre and complete with silver trimmings and cup holders (not that you’d want to take your hands off on the handle bars during your excursion). Not forgetting the state of the art Bluetooth sound system on board. When the speed of the music and the speed of the boat ascend simultaneously, it lifted our sprits even higher.

Our journey began at Full Scream Ahead’s mooring base, ‘Salterns Marina’, just outside of Sandbanks. We were so fortunate with the weather: the sun was on full beam and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. Surrounded by luxury crafts, looking out over glistening water, we couldn’t have been happier. After a quick caffeine fix and a briefing with their marketing man Tim Coe, it was time to set sail…

‘Tony’ our captain and owner of Full Scream Ahead, started his career in boats at the early age of 18, with his first boat firm in Poole. Since then he’s been earning himself an enviable reputation locally. Offering everything from general boat repairs, servicing or antifouling right through to selling pre-owned and brand new powerboats. When we asked Tony what it is about his work he loves he told us, “I get to do this kind of thing every day, I just want other people to be able to come and experience how amazing it is!”

One by one we boarded the 30ft RIB and took our seats. Seats which I must add were rather comfortable, well to put it more aptly, seats that made the experience of holding on for dear life more pleasant. The seats were covered in lavish red upholstery and finished with chrome handles on the wings of each chair. The very back of the boat was fitted with a wider seat come sofa (if there’s someone in the office you think deserves a good soaking, stick them here).

The journey began at a gentle pace of ten miles per hour across Poole Harbour. What a splendid voyage; taking in the sights of multi-million pound Sandbanks homes and the various other vessels, the waves smoothly rolling over one another – sheer bliss. But we knew this tranquil passage had a short lifespan and no sooner did that thought occur, did the speed begin to increase.

What a rush! Imagine that exhilarating feeling you get from ridding a roller coaster, only without the harness. The team whooped and cheered as we rode over the now less tranquil and rather more ferocious waves. It was an incredible experience. Tony whipped the boat from side to side creating an even more thrilling ride.

I wouldn’t class myself as any sort of adrenaline junkie, actually to be perfectly honest I predominately boarder on the verge of chicken – but I was captivated, caught up in the excitement and thrill of the moment. Hitting a wave at a whopping 40 miles per hour (which on water really feels like 80MPH) and purposely crashing down to create an enormous splash. Whilst I sat up front watching the approaching waves, the not so gentle sounds of panicked shrills (of the boys) behind me, I couldn’t help but shout ‘what a great day out!’. I must admit to being a tad relieved the sea conditions prevented us from achieving the Technohull’s maximum speed of 63mph.

Walking away I felt as though I’d truly spent the day in the life of a super spy; the entire team couldn’t stop talking about their experience and how incredible it had been. Having gone with my co-workers and left feeling so elated from sharing such an unusual and exhilarating couple of hours, I can easily see why so many companies are opting for a Full Scream Ahead experience as their go-to team bonding activity, or a way to show clients they really appreciate their business. I thoroughly recommend putting this forward to your boss, or booking this for the next staff day out!

To book your next team adventure, get in touch!
a. Full Scream Ahead, 202 Sandbanks Road, Poole, BH14 8HA
t. 01202 618000
e. tony@boatylicious.com
w. www.fullscreamahead.co.uk

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